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Because we can’t all be in Australia where it seems fireballs and bolide events are caught on camera every night, I thought I would share where these events are most common….. and it turns out your just as likely to catch sight of one as, well anyone else.

In terms of scale the recent Australian fireballs and bolides, or the light event associated with fireballs, were small with little energy converted to damage on the ground. NASA (via its website) has estimated the blast was about the equivalent to 1500 tons of TNT but exploded at too high of an altitude to effect the earths surface beyond debris. For comparison the Chelyabinsk Russia meteor in 2013, which also exploded in the atmosphere over the earth, injured tens of hundreds and was a thousand times more powerful than that of the resent Australian events.

Here is a free poster download showing the difference between space rocks (made possible by American Meteor Society)

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